James Bond, Kennedy, the Secret services...


Since its launch at the end of the fifties, Buehler Turbocraft has been synonymous with groundbreaking innovation,  design elegance and quality.
It has an outstanding history and pedigree. It is forever associated with the James Bond movie “Thunderball“, the Kennedy family, the CIA,  the epic Colorado River expedition through the Grand Canyon, and even Nikita Khrushchev -leader of the USSR.

Modern elegance with a timeless twist


Back in the sixties our boats were penned by famous designer Virgil Exner. Today, our new models are also penned by highly talented designers who have an extensive experience in the super-yachts industry, designing the biggest and most outstanding yachts. The design DNA of Turbocraft is a distinctive mix of timeless elegance, modern minimalism and functionalism throughout. Turbocraft boats are new icons of luxury lifestyle on the waters.

It's in our dna since 1959


Launched at the end of the fifties the brand was the first ever to successfully introduce the radical innovation of the water jet propulsion system.
Today Turbocraft remains faithful to this pioneering heritage of technological innovation by introducing boats that have no match in the market such as Silverfin, the world’s most efficient motorcraft of its class.

Get your own style


Customisation is part of our design approach. Each Turbocraft yacht can be customised, from aesthetic elements such as the iconic fashion plate to a specific layout catering for special needs. With Turbocraft you get the opportunity to create your own style, be unique for yourself and at the same time be identifiable to others.

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Who we are


Our team members share a common passion for boating, yachting and the sea. It gathers seasoned professionals in the fields of super-yacht design, naval engineering, naval architecture and luxury brand management.

Turbocraft S.A, av. de l’Université 24, 1005, Lausanne, Switzerland

For all international enquiries, contact John on 0041 7888 58 407
For French enquiries, contact Dominique on 0033 647 42 3000