Another way to sail

Silverfin is a new type of craft never seen before in the market and developed for owners expecting the best possible mix of design, comfort and experience.
Halfway between a traditional lobster boat and a small explorer yacht, it offers the benefit of both types.
Designed  by a talented designer of super-yachts, Silverfin has an unmistakable and elegant silhouette that will turn heads wherever you sail. The minimalist superstructures, large glass surfaces and attention to detail deliver the same exclusiveness, feel and touch as a custom yacht.
Silverfin is named after the shape of its hull. A sleek, slender and razor shape hull design that will bring you farther than any other motorboat of this size. This hull design offers indeed an outstanding stability and comfort in navigation. It is a “true passage-maker” that has an unrivalled fuel-efficiency and more than 400 nautical miles of autonomy.

Silverfin was developed to be the craft of all playgrounds: the layout offers an equal balance between indoor and outdoor areas and makes it the right candidate no matter your sailing area, in the Med, in the Scandic region, in USA, Australia or elswehere. The semi-raised pilot station at the center of gravity of the boat makes Silverfin extremely confortable and secure to manoeuvre.
It’s the craft of many applications!
Silverfin’s extremely low fuel consumption makes it the perfect boat for both private owner with an environmental conscious but also all professionals operators looking for style, reliability and reduced cost of operation. Based on the same hull platform we can offer Silverfin in different layouts and levels of finish : luxuy family day boat, luxury chase boat for yacht, premium hotel resort shuttle boat, luxury or regular water taxi, tender to explorer yachts, limo tender to yacht and megayacht.


At its best

Silverfin has outstanding hydrodynamic, range and fuel-efficiency performances. What makes it possible is the semi-planning hull based on the Long Thin Hull concept. It offers the benefit of a smoother ride than any conventional planning hulls and a higher cruising speed than any displacement or semi-displacement boats.
With a top speed above 20 knots, it boasts more than 400 nautical miles of range at a perfect cruising speed of about 12-15 knots.
Silverfin is a true seaworthy passage-maker with a genuine ecological footprint that has no match in the market. It will make your day on the water the best day of the year.


The safest family day boat or small trip boat


A limousine tender boat version for explorer yachts and megayachts


The very low cost luxury hotel shuttle boat

Technical data for the standard versions:
Builder: Turbocraft
Design: Turbocraft
Naval Engineering: Fortabat Design
Naval architecture: Turbocraft
LOA: 11.90 metres/ 39ft
Beam: 3.30 metres/ 10.8ft
Draught: 0.90 metres/ 3ft
Air draught: 2.40 metres/6.5 ft (excluding Bimini top)
Weight, light ship.: 4.2 t
Full load displacement: 6.3t
Construction: GRP Composite
Hull shape: semi-planing

Standard engines:
1x Volvo D3-200 hp /140kW diesel with TurboProp
Optional engine:
1x Volvo D3-220 hp /162 kW with TurboProp
Maximum speed: >21 knots
Cruising speed: 14-18 knots
Fuel tank: 500 litres/ 132 gallons
Fuel consumption: approx. 9 litres/ hour, 2.4 gallons/hour  at 12 knots
Water tank: 300 litres/ 80 gallons
Blackwater tank: 50 litres / 13 gallons
Range: >400nm
Design Category: CE approved B category