Forget the Venitian LImo tender-type of yacht tender!

Silverfin is a new type of craft never seen before in the market of superyacht tenders and developed for owners expecting the best possible mix of design, comfort and seaworhtiness and be shuttled back and forth with class and security. On contrary to most superyacht tenders based on the layout of the venitian water taxi limo, the SILVERFIN Limo tender version is a far more seaworthy craft. It is partiularly suited as a limo tender for Explorer yachts and Explorer superyacht that go in remote areas and where safety at sea is of utmost importance. Thanks to its semi-planning hull, extra low fuel consumption and awesome seaworthiness, the SILVERFIN Limo tender for superyacht is the perfect craft to shuttle owners, passengers and crew from the boat to the shore with perfect safety and comfort no matter the weather conditions. The SILVERFIN Limo version is also perfectly suited as a superyacht chase boat, again, thanks to the mix of great seaworhtiness, extra low fuel consumption and comfort in navigation.

Fuel Efficiency at its best!

Silverfin has outstanding hydrodynamic, range and fuel-efficiency performances. What makes it possible is the semi-planning hull based on the Long Thin Hull concept. It offers the benefit of a smoother ride than any conventional planning hulls and a higher cruising speed than any displacement or semi-displacement boats. With a top speed above 20 knots, it boasts more than 400 nautical miles of range at a perfect cruising speed of about 12-15 knots.It is a “true passage-maker” that has an unrivalled fuel-efficiency and more than 400 nautical miles of autonomy. It has a genuine ecological footprint that has no match in the market. Spend more fun time while other spend more cash at the fuel pump!

Silverfin’s extremely low fuel consumption makes it the perfect boat for both private owner with an environmental conscious but also all professionals operators looking for style, reliability and reduced cost of operation. Based on the same hull platform we can offer Silverfin in different layouts and levels of finish : luxuy family day boat, luxury chase boat for yacht, premium hotel resort shuttle boat, luxury or regular water taxi, tender to explorer yachts, limo tender to yacht and megayacht.


Lounge interior and exterior space

Outside, the cockpit offers a lounge & dining area with retractable carbon table and fast mounting removable sun awning system and facing a practical central Buffet with storage for various use located above the Engine compartment. Forward the raised & well protected Helm station separates the boat operator from the passengers while offering a 360° view for the onloading / offloading of passenger at sea and on seashore.

Inside, a very large lounge area takes about half of the boat lenght. It comprises twho large seats rows that can be customed with the shape, color and fabrics of your choice. Forward, a wetroom cabin offers all amenities while at the forward tip of the hull a large area can be set up as a luggage area, diving gear room or sleeping area for a crew member when choosing for a chase boat programme.


•Composite structure : Infused glass fiber and epoxy

•LOA: 39 feet / 11.99 meters(excl. swim platform)

•Beam: 10.8 feet / 3.30 meters

•Draft: 3 feet / 0.90 meters

•Height: 1 feet / 4.2 meters (with bimini)

•Light ship: 4.5 Tons

•Full Load: 6 tons

•Engine: VOLVO PENTA D3-220 (162 KW)

•Engine option: VOLVO PENTA D4-230 (162 KW)

•Bow Thruster: Side Power (6kW)

•Fuel tanks: 2x 250 L.

•Sailing range: over 400 miles

•Cruising speed: 11-14 knots

•Top speed: 20-22 knots

•Fuel consumption at cruising speed: 11-15L per hour

•Fresh water tank: 1 x 300 L.

•Grey water: 1 x 50 L.

•Hot Boiler: 40 L.

•Certification: SWiss Lloyd B certification

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