Project “Transformer”

Turbocraft being historically the first brand to have introduced the revolutionary water-jet propulsion system, innovation is part of our brand’s DNA.
Besides the development of our new flagship boat (Thunderclap 38) our team of designers and architects is in parallel working on an innovative project dubbed “Transformer”.

Why “Transformer”?
Well, the project is precisely about transforming one of the most-efficient hulls ever designed into a platform on which to develop truly modern design and environmental-friendly propulsion system.

The hull

The starting point of the project is the acquisition of a semi-planning hull directly inspired from the sailing designs with thin water entry lines and a narrow beam. The hull’s performances have been widely proven: at 14 knots (approx. 30 Km/h) this 7-tons hull has a 500 miles range running on a 130hp engine and consuming a mere 7l per hour. This is probably one of the most-efficient monohulls ever designed. Our aim is to push the efficiency several inches forward by introducing the world’s most efficient electric motor using permanent magnet machine that greatly increase the efficiency, simplicity and flexibility of use. Our goal is to offer the “Tesla of the Seas”: an electric-propulsion craft that offers the longest range, autonomy and speed mix among the “green” boats.

The experience

This project is also about changing the type of boat offer to customers: a highly-efficient hull with a truly modern and minimalist design with a superyacht-type quality and a more affordable price. In other words, the feel and look of a superyacht at the cost of a production boat.
It is also about offering a more versatile platform that can meet the needs of a much wider customer base and applications. This is achieved by the mix of pre-planned design engineering and a more flexible propulsion system architecture.

The applications are numerous:

  • tender service for high-end marinas looking for a design and a brand that represent their business
  • Limo tender for superyachts
  • Exclusive limousine and touring service for 1st class passengers of large cruising ships
  • Exclusive water taxi service
  • Urban mobility transportation craft for up to 14 passengers
  • Low-consumption and elegant day boat for those who can’t compromise on technology efficiency, design and quality