Turbocraft will make your boatunique
Design Studio

by Turbocraft

Turbocraft has its own integrated design studio gathering talented professionals with recognised skills in design, naval architecture and naval engineering. All our team members share a passion and expertise for super-yachts and the luxury industry. Our common goal is to create modern, iconic and long-lasting designs.
Because we are our own clients we can perfectly translate a vision into design without getting lost in translation. In other words the client’s intended program is at the heart of the design process. The result is boat designs that are beautiful, functional and unique. Each Turbocraft model is indeed unique because each one lives by itself. Each model it is the right answer to a specific sailing program. In our approach customisation is of course a strong element. Customisation can of course go much further from a different layout to a custom-made design for an owner expecting a unique luxury craft.


Sketch for +80 meter super yacht tender


A limo tender interior with a view!