Buehler Turbocraft: officially registered in the USA

We are proud to announce the official registration of the Buehler Turbocraft trademark in the United States of America and the acquisition of all the former related intellectual property.

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Turbocraft in the news

The Turbocraft rebirth story mentioned on first page of L’AGEFI, a leading Swiss economic weekly (in French). Read here.

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Launch of the Turbocraft website

Discover the official Turbocraft website.

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1959 Turbocraft boat add

In 1959 the American entrepreneur John Buehler launched the brand Buehler Turbocraft  that initiated a new era of cruising with style. It is the first ever brand to successfully introduce the unique characteristics of the water jet method of propulsion that is quite common nowadays. This new technology allowed the operator of the boat to run in water as shallow as 3 inches without risk of damage to the propulsion device. The instant acceleration, the astounding maneuverability and clean lines of designers such as Virgil Exner instantly caught the imagination of the public.

The brand quickly rose in popularity and became rapidly synonymous with classy design and radical innovation. As a leading boat brand offering top-notch products, Turbocraft became the choice of the rich and famous. Its exclusive clientele included Jackie Kennedy who owned one for waterskiing. Video clips from the Kennedy Administration show John John Kennedy sitting on the lap of President Kennedy behind the wheel of a Jet 35. US Secret service also used Turbocraft boats for its unrivaled performances, ease of use and maintenance. A story even has it that in 1962 Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the USSR, ordered one exemplar to be shipped to him but it was called back mid-flight due to the sudden outburst of the Cuban Missile crisis in October 1962.

From the 1965 James Bond movie "Thunderball", Copyright LLC Danjaq

Groundbreaking technology and distinctive elegance is a cocktail that even M. James Bond himself could not resist to taste. In the 1965 movie “Thunderball” a 19-feet Turbocraft was used for a cameo role of taking Commander Bond back to shore with the beautiful James Bond girl “Domino” Derval.

1963 Turbocraft boat add

Innovative, the brand was also in terms of marketing. To prove its unequaled performance, safety and versality, several boats were sent to run against the powerful rapids of the Colorado River in August 1960, an extraordinary expedition recounted in length in the 1962 National Geographic article “Nine against the River”. One of the Turbocraft advertising proudly showed a test pilot driving his boat over a small peninsula. James Bond was very right when choosing Turbocraft!

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Since the origins the Turbocraft’s DNA has been a distinctive blend of innovation, elegant design and strong build. Taking its roots in the roaring 60’s and its pioneering heritage, Turbocraft will build luxury and technologically-advanced power boats starting with a series of up to 30 feet. The lines of the boats, penned by renowned designers, will be sophisticated, minimalist and highly functional at the same time. Hull construction will use new lightweight, durable and environmental-friendly materials. Interiors will display a fusion of noble materials and offer an elegant lounge atmosphere inviting to socialize and chill out with class. Distinctive elements such as the Turbocraft swim steps and retro-inspired dashboard will create a unique identity. The brand will also introduce an innovative propulsion system providing a new driving experience with higher acceleration, engine efficiency, security and comfort.

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