Silverfin Power Boat of the Year 2021


Halfway between traditional lobster and small explorer.

The 40-feet Silverfin is a new concept never seen before in the market: halfway between the traditional lobster and the explorer craft. This 12-meter boat indeed offers the feel and touch of a super-yacht coupled with a unique low fuel consumption to bring you further in style. Designed by a team of talented architects and designers of super-yachts, the superstructure gives the distinctive look of a custom-built modern super-yacht. The hull is also unique. Her shape and semi-planning characteristics deliver an outstanding fuel-efficiency, stability and comfort in navigation.



The perfect mix of past and modern glamour.

TThe 38-feet Thunderclap is the ultimate luxury day boat boasting subtle Art D├ęco and retro-modern lines. It is a tribute to the origins of Turbocraft. Faithful to its pioneering heritage it perpetuates the use of water jet propulsion that offers unique characteristics. More than a boat, Turbocraft is a new icon of luxury on the water. Penned by talented superyacht designers Thunderclap is also conceived as a perfect superyacht tender: low draft, light weight, functional boarding steps and an unmistakable retro-modern silhouette to shuttle back-and-forth with style. COMING SOON.