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Heritage, Style and Innovation

In 1954, John Buehler, president of the Buehler Corporation – a manufacturer of ultra precision equipment for aerospace –launched Turbocraft, a brand that initiated a new era of cruising with style. It was the first ever brand to successfully introduce the water jet method of propulsion. This radically new technology brought the principles of jet engine in the marine field.

In 2014,  thanks to a group of Swiss-French entrepreneurs, Turbocraft is officially back with a superb 38-feet luxury day boat design project.
Faithful to its pioneering heritage the brand distinguishes itself through the use of water jet propulsion that offers unique characteristics and a sophisticated design to cruise with style.
Since its inception the DNA of Turbocraft has been a distinctive blend of innovation, style and quality.

Heritage Design


We made History

"A brand without History cannot be a luxury brand" (Bernard Arnault)

Launched at the end of the fifties the brand was the first ever to successfully introduce the unique characteristics of the water jet propulsion system.
This new technology allowed the operator of the boat to run in water as shallow as 3 inches without risk of damage to the propulsion device. The instant acceleration, the astounding maneuverability and clean lines of designers such as Virgil Exner instantly caught the imagination of the public.

Innovative, the brand was also in terms of marketing. To prove its unequaled performance, safety and versality, several boats were sent to run against the powerful rapids of the Colorado River in August 1960, an extraordinary expedition recounted in length in the 1962 National Geographic article “Nine against the River”. One of the Turbocraft advertising proudly showed a test pilot driving his boat over a small peninsula. James Bond was very right when choosing Turbocraft!

James Bond, Kennedy, the CIA,...

"Get me one of these boats" (Nikita Khrushchev)

The brand quickly rose in popularity and became rapidly synonymous with classy design and radical innovation. As a leading boat brand offering top-notch products, Turbocraft became the choice of the rich and famous. Its exclusive clientele included Jackie Kennedy who owned one for waterskiing. Video clips from the Kennedy Administration show John John Kennedy sitting on the lap of President Kennedy behind the wheel of a Jet 35. US Secret service also used Turbocraft boats for its unrivaled performances, ease of use and maintenance. The legend even has it that in 1962 Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the USSR, ordered one exemplar to be shipped to him but it was called back mid-flight due to the sudden outburst of the Cuban Missile crisis in October 1962.

Groundbreaking technology and distinctive elegance is a cocktail that even M. James Bond himself could not resist to taste. In the 1965 movie “Thunderball” a 19-feet Turbocraft was used for a cameo role of taking Commander Bond back to shore with the beautiful James Bond girl “Domino” Derval.


Our luxury flagship: Thunderclap 38

The DNA of Turbocraft is a distinctive mix of heritage, design and technology. After 3 years of passionate development Turbocraft is now back with Thunderclap, a 38 feet luxury day boat project boasting subtle Art Déco lines, functional features and the unrivalled water jet propulsion to cruise with comfort and style. More than a boat, Turbocraft is a new icon of luxury lifestyle on the waters, the perfect blend of style and technology.

Dive in and discover the Thunderclap 38 universe.

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General Arrangement Plan


Built to last

"I am a man of simple taste easily satisfied with the best" (Winston Churchill)

A Buehler Turbocraft boat is a piece of craftmanship. A fusion of noble materials. A hull made of composite fibers engineered with the most advanced technology to provide unrivaled structural and insulation properties. A deck boosting the finest available teak. Lounge areas made of the finest marine fabrics and woods. A forward cabin displaying rich mahogany and leathers.

Simply the best technology

"I do not claim to have invented marine jet propulsion. The honour belongs to a gentleman named Archimedes" (Bill Hamilton)

Faithful to its pioneering heritage the brand perpetuates the use of water jet propulsion that offers unique characteristics: accessibility to shallow water, beaching, rock-bottom maintenance costs and unrivaled maneuverability and acceleration. Penned by talented superyacht designers the boat is of course conceived as a perfect superyacht tender: low draft, light weight, functional boarding steps and an unmistakable silhouette to shuttle back-and-forth with style.

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Press Room

Stay tuned with the latest news and articles about the legendary Buehler Turbocraft brand. A unique cocktail of elegance and marine technology.

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